WPF DataGrid Practical Examples

This example is a simple CRUD application which allows the user to edit items in the Customers table of the Northwind database. Because we are only performing CRUD functions, I have not added a Business Logic Layer (BLL); if you are a purist, you could add a pass-through https://traderoom.info/ BLL; however, I feel it would […]

BlackBull Markets Review: Award-Winning New Zealand Broker

Trading costs at BlackBull Markets are about average for the industry, and will vary depending on which of its three account types you choose. The platform offering as a part of the BlackBull Markets Review shows us a choice between industry leader MetaTrader4 and its next version MetaTrader5. Both offer a super convenient option between […]

Forex Profit Calculator Best Tool w Live Data 145K+ Symbols

Without knowing how to size your positions properly, you may end up taking trades that are far too large for you. Depending on your account base currency, you would need to convert the pip value accordingly. When your investment is profitable, compounding interest will have a huge impact long term on it. You calculate compounded […]